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Here’s why Valorant might be removed from the Streamer Awards

by | Mar 13, 2023

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Reading Time: 2 min.

The 2023 Streamer Awards took place on March 11, 2023, and after some controversy on social media, one category might not be returning next year. Fans were not happy with one of the Streamer Awards winners.

The Streamer Awards is an award show created by QTCinderella, the awards celebrate streamers in 28 categories. In 2023, the Streamer Awards celebrated its second edition, hosted by QTCinderella and Valkyrae.

Streamers are nominated by their fans, and the winners are decided by all the nominated streamers and popular vote.

Valorant fans against the Streamer Awards winner

While the streamers were happy with the winners and overall event, fans took to social media to question the results. Specifically in the Best Valorant Streamer category, where Kyedae took the prize.

“The moment I won, I felt more dread than anything because I knew the hate I’d get,” wrote Keydae on Twitter.

The Valorant community aggressively expressed their discontent with the result. According to the fans, Tarik deserved the award over Kyedae.

In light of the reaction, QTCinderella released the final results. According to the host, the results are “70% based off popular vote,” and Tarik only reached third place based on votes. QTCinderella admitted to considering removing the Valorant category for any upcoming event.

Kai Cenat wins Steamer of the Year

Kai Cenat, who recently broke Ludwig’s record for most Twitch subs of all time, took the Streamer of the Year award.

“Over the last year, he’s truly demonstrated what it’s like to be an entertainer in every definition of the word,” said Kai’s friends who received the award on his behalf.

The rest of the winners of the night were as follows.

  • Best Battle Royale Streamer, iiTzTimmy
  • Best MMORPG Streamer, Asmongold
  • Best Role-Play Streamer, Fanum
  • Best FPS Streamer, aceu
  • Best Soulslike Streamer, MissMikka
  • Best Chess Streamer, GothamChess
  • Best Strategy Game Streamer, boxbox
  • Best Speedrun Streamer, PointCrow
  • Best Art Streamer, MeatCanyon
  • Best VTuber, ironmouse
  • Best Music Streamer, TPAIN
  • Best IRL Streamer, jakenbakeLIVE
  • Best League of Legends Streamer, loltyler1
  • Best Minecraft Streamer, Quackity
  • Hidden Gem Award, KingSammelot
  • Best Philanthropic Stream Event, 500 Mile Cyclethon – CDawgVA
  • Stream Game of the Year, Elden Ring
  • Best Variety Streamer, xQc
  • Best Just Chatting Streamer, HasanAbi
  • Best Streamed Event, Mogul Chessboxing Championship
  • Best Content Organization, OfflineTV
  • Rising Star Award, frogan
  • League of Their Own, DougDougW
  • Streamer’s Streamer Award, PaymoneyWubby
  • Legacy Award, Jerma985
  • Gamer of the Year, TenZ
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