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The best VR trackers on the market for full body tracking

by | Feb 17, 2023

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Reading Time: 3 min.

Extra trackers are the best way to increase your immersion in VR, but with high prices in 2023, it’s more important than ever to choose wisely.

As anyone familiar with the tech will tell you, VR is not a cheap hobby. Even after you’ve picked up your headset of choice and stocked up on games, there are still plenty of things to spend money on. Trackers are the big one, with full body tracking quickly becoming the next big wave. If you plan to surf it, these are the three best VR trackers to buy or preorder today.

Note that full body tracking requires more than just trackers alone. Quest users, for example, must also purchase base stations to detect the trackers’ movement. Players on all platforms will also need to purchase straps to connect them to the body. Keep those factors in mind when pricing out your full body trackers, and make sure to research compatibility with your other hardware before purchasing.

Tundra trackers are the best option for VR in 2023

Tundra has become the default provider for third-party VR trackers thanks to its simple, intuitive, and comfortable hardware. The company is currently considered the industry standard for third-party trackers thanks to several key improvements over Vive’s proprietary offerings. Compared to the Vive 3.0 tracker, Tundra claims to be 30% lighter with equal battery life and accuracy.

Tundra VR trackers bundle

Tundra Labs currently offers bundles of three and four trackers for $360 and $480, respectively. Each bundle comes with a cable set, a carrying case, and a wireless dongle. One of Tundra’s biggest selling points is its universal dongle, which allows multiple trackers to connect via a single USB port. This makes Tundra a very practical option for VR gamers who plan to use eight-point FBT or beyond.

HaritoraX 1.1 offers eight-point rotation for shockingly cheap

Japanese VR tech company Shiftall is making waves in the VR world thanks to its innovative full body tracking system. The HaritoraX, currently in version 1.1, is a five-point FBT system with a partial bodysuit form factor. By connecting all the trackers together, the unit can detect both movement and limb rotation, a very coveted feature. The HaritoraX also requires no additional equipment, meaning Quest users can get FBT without base stations.

The only problem with the HaritoraX 1.1 is that the system is currently sold out. The current batch of sales is scheduled to release in March of 2023, so expect a restock in April or later in spring. Once they become available again, VR gamers will be able to pick up one of the best all-in-one trackers solutions for just $300. There are also expansions to track elbows and hips if you want your VR dance moves to really pop.

SlimeVR promises quality trackers for budget gamers

Both of the options above offer great tracking solutions, but they definitely don’t come cheap. That’s where SlimeVR enters the market. The American startup is currently offering preorders on bundles of five trackers for the insane price of just $165. In addition to costing a fraction of the other options, SlimeVR also claims to have double the battery life of Vive 3.0 and Tundra trackers.

SlimeVR trackers

Similarly to the HaritoraX, SlimeVR is not currently available for direct purchase. Preorders are currently open for all packages, with the most expensive bundle including ten trackers with six rotation extensions for $455. Preorders are expected to start shipping on July 31, 2023, but there’s always the chance of a delay. SlimeVR may not have the same premium feel and accuracy as Tundra or Shiftall trackers, but considering price, SlimeVR is definitely the best option for budget VR FBT.

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