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QTCinderella shut down the Streamer Awards afterparty because of this streamer

by | Mar 15, 2023

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Reading Time: 2 min.

QTCinderella revealed the reason she had to cancel the Streamer Awards afterparty, losing over $50,000.

On March 11, what started as a celebratory night, ended with the Los Angeles Fire Department involved. The cause for it was the controversial Twitch streamer JustAMinx.

QTCinderella explained the situation on the most recent episode of Fear&, the podcast hosted by Hasan Piker. According to QTCinderella, JustAMinx, in a concerning state of intoxication, tried to drop a propane tank and push people into the pool at the Streamer Awards afterparty.

As a result, security attempted to remove her from the premises. The streamer caused a scene outside of the venue, getting the LA Fire Department and an ambulance involved. Since the venue was located in a residential area, the neighbors complained about it, causing the party to shut down.

QTCinderella cuts ties with JustAMinx

“I can’t have someone like that in my life, I’ve tried everything. She’s blocked on every platform I have. I’m no longer interested in having contact with this person or taking chances with this person because I’ve done everything, I can’t do it anymore,” QTCinderella concluded.

The streamer is referring to JustAMinx’s drinking problem, an issue that caused her to be banned from Twitch earlier this month.

Ahead of the Streamer Awards ceremony, JustAMinx contacted QTCinderella, who then invited her to the event on one condition, she couldn’t drink. JustAMinx agreed, but according to her, she assumed drinking at the afterparty would be okay.

QTCinderella clapped back, claiming JustAMinx was drunk before the afterparty.

JustAMinx made public that she had a seizure the night of the events. On social media, her followers took this information as a poor attempt to justify her actions.

“Send me an invoice for the afterparty. I’m sorry,” JustAMinx replied to QTCinderella one last time.

JustAMinx shared that she is returning to Ireland to seek treatment for her seizures.

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