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Complete guide to playing Gekko, Valorant’s OP agent

by | Mar 10, 2023

Reading Time: 4 min.
Reading Time: 4 min.

Valorant’s sixth initiator Gekko is easy to learn, but smart players can execute incredible tricks out of his simple toolkit. Here’s how to play Gekko in Valorant to easily win your games!

Valorant agent 22 Gekko is equipped with a flash, stun, and molotov. His ultimate is a mix of Skye’s Seekers and Killjoy’s Lockdown, making him a robust jack of all trades. Some may even say that Gekko needs a nerf, but until Riot rolls out changes, players should use the green-haired skater to his full potential. 

Gekko breaks the typical initiator mold in Valorant, following Breach’s beat of tenderizing the enemies. For this reason, many initiator mains may find his toolkit to be tricky. But, fret not, we got you. Here’s how to play Gekko in Valorant. 

How to play Gekko in Valorant 

Gekko Valorant

Gekko’s entire toolkit is viable, but he stands out from the rest for his Wingman. Bringing his own team of five, Gekko is unlike any other agent in Valorant, which is both good and bad. He’s easy to learn but tough to master. 

Here’s how to play Gekko in the fast-paced Valorant ranked:

Moshpit (C)

Cost: 250 creds

Cooldown: Moshpit can be used only once

Instant death enters Valorant with Moshpit. Gekko’s green goo quickly deals damage, ultimately bursting into a death-dealing explosion. Enemies would suffer 50 damage per tick at the center of the slime and 25 at the edge. But you’re good as dead if you’re within the AoE when it explodes. 

Moshpit will come in handy in post-plant situations, drawing out enemies from predictable angles. If you’re playing a fast-paced game and are quick enough, you may be able to get multiple kills with a single Moshpit. Just toss the goo at attackers when they’re distracted mid-duel, and request a flash or Slow Orb from a teammate. Voila! You may even get five kills by locking enemies within molotov’s AoE. 

Your primary target should be to retain enemies within Moshpit for as long as possible. For this, you’ll need team support. 

Wingman (Q)

Cost: 300 creds

Cooldown: 10s after picking up Globule

Wingman is Gekko’s most potent ability. It’s retrievable and does more than one task. Wingman can plant and defuse the Spike, gather intel, and stun enemies. 

While he can do all of that, his Spike interactions are the star of the show. To squeeze full juice out of the little penguin, make sure you’re almost always carrying the Spike. Using Wingman, you may:

  • Plant the Spike from safety. When aiming at the bomb point, a purple marker would appear, pointing out that Spike can be planted there easily. Press the right-click while holding Wingman to activate the Spike
  • Defuse the Spike and protect the Wingman, increasing the odds of a round win. From safety, aim at the planted Spike and release Wingman by pressing Alt-fire
  • You may pick up weapons from across the map after clutching a one-versus-one while Wingman defuses. 
  • Have Wingman defuse half the Spike to waste enemies’ utility and save time in a one-versus-one with a post-plant agent like Viper. Then, defuse the other half when Wingman expires
  • Make sure you always re-pick the Globule after Wingman expires

Dizzy (E)

Cost: Free

Cooldown: 10s after picking up Globule

Gekko equips the cute tiny blob and tosses it at enemies, which then slaps onto their faces, blocking vision partly. It’s a unique flash. 

Dizzy is viable because it’s practically impossible to dodge. It’d still block your line of sight even if you are turned away. But enemies can break it. So if you’re Gekko, you may want to use Dizzy for gathering information or tossing it at enemies when they’re too distracted to destroy it. 

Gekko Dizzy

It also comes in handy in pushing enemies. Just throw Dizzy right before peeking at the enemy. You should be able to get the kill against the opponent who’s too busy shooting the flash. It’s also worth noting that Gekko is the first agent in Valorant who may flash as many as six times in a single round.

So, if you’re quick enough to pick up the Globule backup, you should always have a blue fellow at your side. 

How to use Gekko’s Thrash in Valorant 

Cost: 7 ult points

Cooldown: 10s after picking up Globule

Health: 200

Gekko’s Thrash is his ultimate. It unlocks at seven ult points and is extremely powerful. But, the best part will blow your mind. Gekko is the first Valorant agent who can reuse his ultimate. 

When Thrash expires, Gekko can pick the Globule at least once. Meaning he may reuse his ultimate twice in a single round. Thrash is a creature that hunts for enemies, stuns, and detains them for six seconds — plenty for Gekko to push them and kill. In addition, it can lunge up to five meters, which means enemies want to be as far away from it as possible. But they can at least destroy the creature, similar to Skye’s Seekers. 

Thrash works best on larger maps as it can travel for six seconds. With Thrash’s speed, it can cover at least half the area of a small map. However, Thrash works best if you have teammates alive who can capitalize on info and detain enemies. You’ll also need to pick the Globule, which is incredibly valuable. 

So, this is all you need to know about the new agent Gekko. So far, he seems pretty OP, but we believe Gekko might get some serious nerfs in the next Valorant patch. 

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