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GTA Online stash house: Safe code, rewards, location

by | Feb 20, 2023

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Reading Time: 2 min.

GTA Online has a new free-mode mission released as part of the Los Santos Drug wars that will help players grow their businesses by looting a stash house in Los Santos or Blaine County. 

GTA 5 players always look for ways to make money by hook or crook. Los Santos Drug wars, updated in December 2022, created tons of work opportunities for GTA 5 robbers with a skewed moral compass. Players can now earn money or supplies for their business by completing the daily stash houses mission. 

The mission is simple: Break into a stash house, find a code, fight off the gang members, and collect your reward. 

How to break into a stash house in GTA

GTA Online stash house

Open your map in GTA Online and look for a tiny purple hut while in a free-mode session. Pin that as the location and head to the venue. Once you’re close, walk towards the house and kick open the door. You must be cautious as this location would be guarded by gang members. 

Next, go downstairs and eliminate the five armed dealers inside. Then, once you’re sure that the place is clear of hostile enemies, you may go ahead and look for the stash. 

How to find the GTA stash house safe code 

In order to open the stash, you need the six-digit code written on a yellow post-it. The safe code should be pretty easy to find as it’s located near the house premises. Once you have the code, manually feed it into the safe and collect the items inside. 

On your way out, enemies will try to stop you, so you must prepare to get into some more action. Once you take out all enemies, you can drive out of the area in order to complete the mission successfully. After that, GTA will transfer $30,000 into your account along with 1000RP. In addition, those who own businesses will get rewards in the form of supplies. 

Where are the stash houses in GTA? 

The exact location of stash houses changes every day, at the same time as the Gun Van. Here are the 25 potential locations for each stash house in GTA Online: 

  • Vitus Street Vespucci
  • Mutiny Road, La Puerta
  • Strangeways Drive, West Vinewood
  • Farmhouse, Grand Senora Desert
  • Niland Avenue, Sandy Shores
  • Muscle Gymnasium, Downtown Vinewood
  • Save-A-Cent, Little Seoul
  • Altruist Camp, Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  • Hardware, Chumash Plaza
  • 24/7 Harmony
  • Mile High Organics, Mirror Park
  • Thomson Scrapyard, Grand Senora Desert
  • Vitreous, Cypress Flats
  • Walker & Sons Warehouse, Banning
  • Pawn & Jewelry, Strawberry
  • El Rancho Boulevard
  • Echo Rock Shopping Plaza, Alta
  • Weazel Morningwood 
  • Cherry Pie Farm
  • Zancudo River
  • Millar’s Fishery Co, Galilee
  • Abandoned building, Sandy Shores
  • Union Road
  • Lucky Jim’s Ranch
  • Clucking Bell Farms, Pyrite Avenue
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