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Merlin’s Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy: Can you still get it in Twitch drops?

by | Feb 24, 2023

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Hogwarts Legacy has an immersive storyline, but the in-game cosmetics are equally stunning. Thrifty players can grab some free items through Hogwarts Legacy Twitch drops. 

Hogwarts Legacy has become the hot new chart-topper, breaking records on Twitch. Since its release, the game has sold 12 million units. Clearly, players approve of the game for its immersive storyline, nostalgia-inducing ambiance, and in-game cosmetics. Hogwarts Legacy allows character customization to drip out your wizard, but Twitch drop items are the rarest. 

You must get the Twitch drop cosmetics to stand out in Hogwarts Legacy. Today is the last day to claim the items and unlock the rarest Merlin’s Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy. 

How to claim Merlin’s Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy?

The deep blue coat painted with stars and the galaxy is rare and highly sought-after because it’s unavailable in all Twitch drops. Only those who watched one of the two Early Access streams on the AvalancheSoftware Twitch channel own this skin. But it’s still possible to grab the rare item. 

Merlin's Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy

Today is the last day players can get Merlin’s Cloak. Join Avalanche Software on Twitch on Friday, February 24th, at 2 pm PST/5 pm EST, and watch the playthrough. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the coat in Twitch drops.  

How to claim Hogwarts Legacy Twitch drops? 

To receive free rewards, watch a streamer play Hogwarts Legacy on Twitch and make sure Twitch Drops are enabled. You can tell if a channel has drops enabled if you see a notification at the top of the Stream Chat. 

  • Create or sign into a free Warner Bros. Games account.
  • Connect your Twitch Account to your Warner Bros. Games account.
  • Tune in and enjoy Hogwarts Legacy content live on Twitch!
  • Check your Twitch Inventory to track your progress and claim your drops!
  • Redeem your rewards!

Rewards can only be claimed between February 7th until February 24th, 2023. Here are the items that viewers can unlock by watching Twitch streams:

  • Silver Dragon-Eyed Spectacles – Facewear Cosmetic.
  • Urchin Hat – Headwear Cosmetic
  • Carmine Lightning Bolt Scarf – Neckwear Cosmetic
  • Lilac Ensemble – Outfit Cosmetic
  1. Go to the Warner Bros Games Website and sign in to your existing WB Games Account.
  2. Under the Connection page for the WB Games Account site, link the console or PC platform where you plan to play Hogwarts Legacy. 
  3. After linking your preferred game platform, select the Connect button for Twitch in the Connections list. Press Continue to proceed.
  4. In the window that opens, sign in or create a Twitch Account. Select the Authorize button for WB Games to connect to your Twitch Account.
  5. Launch Hogwarts Legacy
  6. Return to the Hogwarts Legacy Drops page to claim your rewards.
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